Order Policy & Guidance

Balloon Boutique offers delivery across the greater Austin metropolitan area.

All our arrangements and bouquets can be browsed, customized, scheduled for delivery or pick-up and paid for via our website.

Customers must provide all relevant details when placing their order including any specific balloon colors, designs, balloon numbers, names, custom notes, etc.

For any customization options not available via our website, please call us at (201) 500 7129 and we are happy to accommodate. 

We deliver across the greater Austin metro, including West Lake Hills, Manor, Round Rock, Lakeway, and Cedar Park.

We currently do not provide service anywhere outside of the greater Austin metropolitan area.

All orders must be made at least 24 hours in advance. If an order is placed after our store hours (i.e. while we are closed), we require 48 hours to process.

For Delivery: Customers can select from several 3-hour time windows (e.g. 9-12, 12-3, 3-6 CST) at check-out. We cannot specify an exact time for delivery within a selected 3-hour window. If you require a more precise delivery time, please give us a call and we will do our best to support you.

For In-Store Pickup: Customers can select from several 1-hour time slots (all within our regular store hours).

NOTE: If you require same day service, please call us at (201) 500 7129 to discuss. We always do our best to accommodate our customer's unique schedules and needs.

Cancelling an Order: We have a 72 hours cancellation policy on all orders. This means you must contact us at least 72 hours in advance of your order's scheduled pick-up or delivery window in order for us to process your cancellation.

Cancellations made at least 72 hours ahead of your scheduled delivery or pick-up window will be processed with a full refund. Please remember it can take some time for your bank or credit card company to process and post the refund.

Any cancellations made inside the 72 hours period prior to your scheduled pick up or delivery date and time WILL NOT result in a refund of payment.

In case of postponing your order: Please contact us at least 72 hours in advance via email or phone and we will work with you to secure an alternative time window.

To initiate a cancellation, postpone your order, or other questions regarding our policies, please contact us at info@myballoonboutique.com or (201) 500 7129

We occasionally upload photos of the amazing creations we craft for our clients (e.g. bouquets, arrangements) to our social media properties and/or website.

NOTE: We do not intentionally post pictures of customer faces and/or anything personally identifiable unless explicitly granted permission.
If you would prefer that we do not publish pictures of the balloons including in your unique order, please notify us and we are happy to accommodate.

Product Details

All our balloon designs are constructed with recyclable mylar, foil, or biodegradable latex, made in the USA.

NOTE Regarding Allergies: Please specify if the recipient of your order is allergic to latex, so that we may take appropriate steps and avoid usage of materials that may trigger an averse medical reaction.

All balloons are inflated the same day as their scheduled pickup or delivery date in order to maximize their inflated lifespan.

While a multitude of factors (e.g. weather) will influence the inflation and durability of a balloon, we provide the following general guidance regarding their lifespan:

Latex Balloons w/ Helium: Have a float time of approx. 8 hours.

MicroFoil or Metallic Balloons w/ Helium: Float time of approx. 7 days

NOTE: Balloons can overheat and pop when left in hot, enclosed spaces (e.g. inside a car) or exposed to direct sunlight. Conversely, placing balloons in front of or under air conditioners or outside on cool days can cause balloons to deflate at a faster rate.

Balloon Boutique does not cover damage or deflation caused by mishandling of balloons, contacting them with sharp objects, prolonged exposure to hot/cold temperatures, etc.

When balloons are deflated or punctured, they should be disposed of responsibly.

Mylar and MicroFoil balloons can be recycled.

Latex balloons can be discarded in a trash bin - Balloon Boutique uses only biodegradable latex materials.

Please do not release balloons into the air. MicroFoil balloons in particular transmit electricity and therefore can cause fires (or worse) if released near power lines.

NOTE: Helium gas should never be inhaled as it can cause serious and even deadly health complications including asphyxiation or air embolisms in the lungs.